The Carlsbad Aqua therapeutic candle is the first candle that contains the healing Carlsbad salt from the thermal springs. It is a product of unique hand work that will decorate your interior nicely.

Our masters spend 20 hours making one candle by handicraft work, finished by hand painting using special dyes with added Indigo.


Therapeutic effects:

Microcrystals of salts and minerals from the healing thermal spring waters are released in the air during burning. As soon as 20 minutes after lighting, the air gets filled with salt microparticles – you will start to smell the springs of Karlovy Vary and natural cotton in the air. Burning the candle also reduces the number of bacteria and viruses in the air.

Colour versions:

When ordering your candle, you can choose from two colours – stylish ivory or sun yellow. Each candle has been manually wrapped and ribboned.


The candle is 14.5 cm high, 10.5 cm wide and 10.5 cm deep and thanks to its unique composition, it can burn for up to 80 hours.

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